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Jarmo Pyykkönen has an IT experience since late 90's. Web-based solutions, digitalization and business-based IT development will all neatly fit to his profile as CTO/enterprise architect. Lots of different projects in different countries & industries have given him a wide range of real world experience. He is always open-minded for new technologies combined with clear revenue generating model.

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Katja Kapanen has several years of experience on airport and regional business development, and also from unmanned aviation development projects including planning optional businesses for the regional airfields. Katja is the PhD candidate at the University of Westminster and her research focus is the ownership and governmental structures and business models for the airports. Katja has made study and analysis over Mikkeli City airport about the possibilities for widening the aviation related services at the airfield and their regional impacts.

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Jan Käppi has a long history with developing airport security and
security services around the world. Latest destinations are in Florida,
USA, India, South-America and now he is invited to airport security
development project in middle-east. Jan is a Finnish aviation security specialist, which the IATA (International Air Transport Association) permanently uses as a consult offering training and consultancy for air carriers and civil aviation authorities on aviation security matters. Jan is also ACC3 and DGR specialist helping aviation industry globally.

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Juha-Pekka Paananen has decades of experience and proven track record in business development positions in Finland and abroad. His most recent position in developing Lappeenranta airport business led to three-digit growth in passenger amount on yearly basis. From the softer side Juha-Pekka is highly skilled team builder, people centric business coach and part of all possible networks. He created the team of Northnav professionals.

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Teemu Uotila. Working with ICT sector has taught me the different challenges a person faces when working in the high-intensive industry and fast-paced sales environment, has given me variety of skills. Highly energetic, goal-oriented and very customer & employee focused mind-set. An Executive Manager with rich operating experiences in the technology (Semiconductors, Mobile, Databases, Web and Automotive industries).

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Mikko Vainioranta founded his own web site and e-commerce business early 2000, sold it to a competitor and has been acting since then in diverse business development positions. His open-minded approach to see things outside the box has lead to closing of significant deals and has resulted in tangible business growth results. Apart from being growth-minded business consultant Mikko is very smooth in co-operation with different people and stakeholders.

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