We are proud to present highlights of the projects and businesses we have been recently working with. Contact us for further details.

Haapsalu logistic center, 2018–2028
The most modern European logistic hub -project. Connects air, road, rail and sea traffic between EU and Far East. With the help of modern and traditional logistic procedures. 
Kiltsi airport will be re-opened for international flights and locates also a platform for intelligent transportation systems, testing environment for automatization and robotization projects.
The project is driven in co-operation with Estonian government, Kaitseliit, Läänemaa county, Haapsalu municipality and private companies.
Contact for further details:
Juha-Pekka Paananen
Mobile +358 44 980 4059

The Team: Juha-Pekka Paananen, Andres Huul (LAK), Petri Land (YIT), Juha Lehtonen, Jarkko Lehtinen,
Jarmo Pyykkönen, Katja Kapanen
GoParking Jumbo opening, early 2017

Business case consultation and promotion execution for the airport parking concept GoParking, located inside the Jumbo shopping centre close to Helsinki-Vantaa airport.


The Team: Juha-Pekka Paananen,
Jan Käppi, Teemu Uotila, Katja Kapanen

Hanko-Haapsalu BVLOS flight, 2016
Successful first ever BVLOS flight between two countries and in relatively poor weather conditions with low clouds and strong cross wind. The flight departed from Hanko, Finland flew over the Baltic sea, and landed 50 minutes later at the destination Haapsalu, Estonia. The project was driven in co-operation with Global Virtual Platform Oy, Northnav Oü, Läänemaa Arenduskeskus and the cities of Hanko and Haapsalu.

The Team: Katja Kapanen,
Juha-Pekka Paananen, Teemu Uotila

UAS Centre Finland establishment, 2015
The project scope was to establish UAS test centre in Mikkeli with option to establish its duplicate in Salo. The UAS Centre Finland is nowadays located in Mikkeli, Finland and is operated by Future Sky Oy. The initial planning and opening activities were taken by Northnav.

The Team: Katja Kapanen, Juha-Pekka Paananen, Jan Käppi